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A swirling mix of Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian flavors combine to create the culinary tapestry that is Balinese food. Imagine banana leafs piled high with spice-rubbed suckling pig, fresh-from-the sea fish grilled over open fires, and lemongrass skewers threaded through smoky bites of chicken. Family-run warungs are the defacto restaurants when seeking out affordable and home-cooked eats, while fine dining options and street food stalls fill in the gaps for those who want to dine out at either end of the price spectrum. The best way to take your tastebuds on a test run of Bali’s cuisine is on a guided tour. From hands-on cooking classes that teach you how to create some of the island’s signature dishes on your own to immersive walking tours set on uncovering the best bites hidden in bustling markets, there’s always something new to discover in the kitchen of this Indonesian paradise.

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Grab your shopping bags and head to a local market with a foodie-friendly guide from baliKU Tours & Travel. Weave through stalls to learn about local ingredients, picking up spices, fresh produce, and meat along the way. From there, head to a nearby rice farm to chat with farmers about growing and harvesting this staple crop, and then continue to the kitchen where you can learn to whip up dishes like chicken curry, gado gado (Indonesian salad), and lawar (vegetables, coconut, and minced meat). At the end, sit down to taste your creations and get tips from your guide and chef on places to eat out around town. Read More...

Bali’s tropical climate makes it an ideal place for cocoa trees to thrive, and the island’s artisan chocolatiers make sure that not a single pod goes to waste. Join True Bali Experience for an insider’s look at the process of creating delicious chocolate. From bean to bar, watch as cocoa pods are broken and get the chance to taste the ingredients at each step along the way. With the basics down, learn to make your own elephant-shaped chocolate, ideal for a unique souvenir or as something to keep you occupied on that ride back to the hotel. Read More...

Head out for a night of fine dining in Seminyak, the family-friendly line of resorts, hotels, and markets stretched out along the island’s southwestern shores. On this private culinary adventure, let a guide from Bali Food Safari lead you to 4 of Seminyak’s best restaurants, where you can dine on everything from savory pork ribs to salmon sashimi, and Spanish-style tapas to local specialties like gado gado. And, don’t forget to save room for dessert before you head back to your hotel in a private car. Read More...

Sunset views from a clifftop temple act as the aperitif on this private dining adventure with EXO Travel. Ride out to Uluwatu in a private car and catch the sky saturated in color from your vantage point at Uluwatu Temple. Stroll around shrines bathed in golden light, snap memorable photos of the temple’s unique silhouette, and then head to a nearby restaurant for dinner served up with more stunning views of the ocean. Dine on buttery prawns, fresh clams, and grilled fish topped with the spicy-sweet perfection that is Indonesian sambal chili sauce. Read More...

Step back in time to uncover old-school cooking traditions with a local. With help from EXO Travel, meet with an Indonesian cook who’s been whipping up Balinese cuisine since she was just a child. Discuss recipes handed down from her grandmother and then head to pick up the evening’s ingredients at a nearby market. With groceries in tow, make your way to a nearby warung to see how food in Bali has been prepared for centuries, using wood-fired steamers, terracotta stoves, oil lamps, and stone grinders. After your kitchen tour, lend a hand to create the evening’s meal and then sit down to dig into your creations while chatting with your guide and chef about life in Bali. Read More...

Follow your meal from farm to table on this inviting excursion to a local family’s home with Traveling Spoon. Stroll around the property, where pigs, ducks, chickens, and a cow roam the grounds, and chat about the types of produce that grow best in Bali’s environment. Help gather ingredients for dinner along the way, and then whip up healthy creations including a medicinal jamu tonic. Dine on grilled fish and chili sauce, gado gado, rending (Indonesian curry), and sayur urab (vegetables with fresh coconut) before you head back to town. Read More...

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