5 Ways to Pamper Yourself in Bali

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A holiday in Bali just wouldn’t be complete without a traditional Balinese massage, which weaves together the traditions of Chinese, Indian, and other Southeast Asian massage practices into its own unique style. With its dynamic movements, aromatic essential oils, and acupressure techniques, a Balinese massage is the perfect accompaniment to afternoons spent hiking through jungles to reach volcanic craters, splashing into wet and wild water activities, or exploring cultural legacies at waterfront temples. Visit one of the island’s best spas to unlock your own indulgent spa experience in Bali, pairing a muscle-melting massage with exfoliating body scrubs, enriching hair treatments, and purifying peels. And, many Bali spas also offer massage classes, so you can take home a souvenir that everyone will want. Ready to relax? Check out a few of our favorite places to let your stress slip away in Bali.

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No matter what treatment you choose at The Amala, it always starts the same—a soothing foot bath while you sip refreshing concoctions of lime, cucumber, mint, and honey, and the mesmerizing tones of a Tibetan singing bowl ritual while you’re led to your treatment room by expertly trained staff. With a variety of treatments ranging from lymphatic massages to pineapple-coconut scrubs, you’re sure to find something that fits your exact needs. At the end, part ways with your practitioner and let the clinking sounds of prayer bells bid you farewell. Read More...

Slip into a soft kimono and let the staff at Aroma Spa Retreat take care of you with a half-day bouquet of treatments sure to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. From a Shiatsu foot massage while you sip warm mugs of herbal tea to a full Ayurvedic body brushing that prepares your skin for a banana and coconut leaf wrap. As if that’s not enough, wrap up your day with a facial and body mask and then close out the experience sampling fresh fruit paired with honey, yogurt, tea, and—oh yeah—a full Lomi Lomi-style massage. Read More...

Sometimes the best way to treat your body is with a bit of exercise. Grab a partner and head to The Amala for a private yoga session designed for two. Work on stretching and strengthening as you move through various poses, learning to help your partner with their practice along the way. Afterward, soothe your tired muscles with a Thai massage lesson focusing on assisted stretches and acupressure techniques and then relax at the onsite zen garden and pool. Read More...

Make your departure from Bali a little more appetizing by inserting a soothing spa treatment at Aroma Spa Retreat into your trip to the airport. Designed with convenient transfers from your hotel to the spa and then to the airport once you’re done, it’s the perfect way to prepare for that long flight home. Detoxifying oil massage treatments, aromatherapy, a pedicure, and an Indonesian hair ritual are just a few of the treatments you can look forward to before finishing out the session with shoulder and arm massages sure to loosen up tight muscles. Read More...

Delve into a holistic Ayurvedic massage at the Prana Spa in Seminyak. Begin with a full-body Balinese oil massage using calming aromatherapy and essential oils designed to treat muscle pain and improve circulation. Lulled into a state of deep relaxation, move on the spa’s Shirodhara treatment. Utilizing traditional Ayurvedic practices from India, this signature practice targets special “marma” points meant to boost wellness and overall health. Read More...

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  • 5 Ways to Pamper Yourself in Bali

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